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Infrastructure & Transport

Previously, the government was in charge of public infrastructure. Subsidies, bailouts, and continued losses, on the other hand, cannot be accepted by cash-strapped economies in the digital world, and many Public Private Partnerships (PPP) models are being experimented with and successfully adopted.


We have worked on many projects in Africa, especially in the areas of telecommunications, electricity, water, waste water, ports, and aviation. The scale of these programs varies, but the complexity of being attentive to the interests of the government, the taxpayer, the consumer, and the general customer has always been kept in mind.


Kimotho Associates & Company has played a significant role in government initiatives supported by bilateral or multilateral banks or private companies, mostly in the fields of infrastructure financing, privatization, regulatory mechanisms, re-structuring, and implementing sector reforms.


We are committed to developing and adopting strategies that result in measurable progress and assist Public Infrastructure Companies in improving and succeeding.

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