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Integrated Client Services

Payroll Services


Paying employees is a time-consuming monthly job. Our Payroll Services provide a competent solution to this sensitive method for corporations, small to medium-sized businesses, and company owners. Through our extensive knowledge of the relevant laws, we ease the process, relieving firms of the burden of payroll so they can concentrate on their core competencies.


The following services are available from us:

  • PAYE, NHIF, and NSSF registration
  • Compilation of employee payslips by email on a monthly basis using Memory Payroll Tools
  • Monthly payroll tax calculation (PAYE, NHIF and NSSF)
  • Monthly return submission to the Revenue Authority (via e-Filing)
  • Employees earn P9s by the close of the fiscal year.
  • Foreign companies get assistance and advise while establishing offices in East Africa.
  • Provide advice on work contracts.

Client Accounting


Large corporations can afford to hire a full-time specialist accountant to prepare control and policy reports to help the board of directors in overseeing the business. However, due to a shortage of these capabilities in smaller businesses, management is forced to associate sustainability with cash flow.


Many small companies and start-ups lack access to expertise and knowledge about reporting requirements; this is where we can assist. We offer guidance in the vital field of finance across our global network and the use of technologies for accounting purposes, ensuring that you provide a precise and up-to-date view of your company’s financial position.

Among our offerings are:

  • Management accounts are issued on a monthly basis.
  • Annual financial statements preparation
  • Accounting record processing
  • Estimated cash balance
  • Treasury administration

Financial Management Agent services to Donor Agencies


The desire for greater operational efficiencies and cost-competitiveness in delivering efficient service has driven many companies, project implementers, and donor organizations to follow strategic approaches that rely more on core competencies and primary market operations in an intensely competitive environment.


More and more administrative systems and tasks are seen as ideal for outsourcing in order to achieve profit-driven goals or reduce operating expenses on recurring operations. These programs include Grant Management, Program Administration, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Financial Management, and Grant Management. Human Resource Management, administrative support systems, and recruitment services are only a few examples.


Donor-funded programs and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), donor liaison offices, multilateral bodies, federal agencies, country offices for international companies, and foreign-based persons have been among our customers in the development of these services.


Over the past two decades, we have served as full Financial Management Agent for a variety of NGOs, mutual donor basket accounts, bi-lateral donors and donor programs, as well as private sector players in a variety of sectors. Our expertise also involves helping donors with the registration and establishment of program delivery organizations, reporting on initiative funds to different donors, and managing broad and important tasks including the flow of substantial funds.


Kimotho Associates & Company’s expertise also covers a wide variety of program administration resources such as grant budget development; playing a clear fiduciary function by close oversight of client funds and ensuring that they are adequately monitored; assistance in the recruiting and staffing of program teams; guidance and support in selection processes and procedures; and assistance in the recruitment and staffing of program teams, as well as financial consulting programs to grant beneficiaries and program delivery bodies.


Our staff have provided advice on grant management programs, disbursement and accounting practices, procurement solutions, program budget creation, financial reporting and transparency standards (particularly where several donors are involved), as well as preparation, organizational, and capability development processes.

HR Consultancy


Our primary function is to offer a wide range of Human Resource Consulting services in all fields of HR operation by delivering cutting-edge HR innovations to organizations with the goal of and operational performance. Our team has many years of experience in human resource management and will collaborate with you as an extension of the current HR team to deliver resources that will increase effectiveness, performance, collaboration, and employee ethics. We have a broad variety of services, including:

  • Talent Acquisition and Management
  • Management of Performance
  • Implementing Reward Changes as a Reward Technique
  • Communicating Reward Pay Structures, such as Job Evaluation Performance-Related Pay Incentives and Bonuses
  • Employee Advantages
  • Audits of Executive Reward
  • Non-cash Awards and Recognition Programs Compensation and Benefits Client Planning Assistance in Organizational Performance Consultancy

Company Secretarial Services


DCDM Registrars


The process of registering 


We help local and foreign businesses, as well as non-governmental organizations, establish themselves in Kenya. We receive Tax Identification (PIN) and Single Business Licenses from the local County as part of our post-registration services.


Meetings/Statutory Amendments


We hold meetings and prepare all types of minutes as required by companies. We ensure that all regulatory filings mandated by the Companies Act, including modifications in corporate structure, are completed and submitted with the Registrar of Companies on time.



We offer corporate counsel on all secretarial matters relating to capitalization, acquisition, mergers and amalgamations, and we keep our clients up to date on the latest amendments to the Companies Act.


Winding up


We de-register existing local companies, international subsidiaries, and company names and publish them in our Kenya Gazette Notice as mandated by statute.

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