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Our tax advisory services address our clients’ objectives and needs, allowing them to balance compliance with value creation. We have a strong team of tax specialists who can help you improve your business by anticipating strategic opportunities and risks that may affect your tax situation. Our full-service team can assist you with all aspects of tax planning and compliance.

Corporate Tax Compliance


Every corporation, trust, partnership, society, and individual with taxable or exempt income must register with the revenue office and obtain a tax registration certificate (PIN). Meeting tax reporting requirements is critical for managing business tax risks. In addition to reputational risks, late returns and taxes attract massive penalties, fines, and interest.

We provide the following statutory income tax reporting requirements:

  1. Preparation of income tax computations in accordance with applicable tax laws;
  2. Preparation and submission of income tax returns to the revenue office;
  3. Tax amounts payable and due dates are communicated in a timely manner, and assistance with tax remittances is provided.
  4. Tax compliance certificates are applied for and processed.
  5. Attending to any questions that the revenue office may have about filed returns;
  6. New company registration with the revenue office (PIN).

International Tax


Global growth opportunities have dramatically altered where and how businesses work, posing new revenue streams as well as new threats and risks.


A major factor in the sustainability of multinational operations is reducing tax burden while mitigating associated risk. With complex laws, evolving legislation, and a need for local attention, international tax is always changing.


Our focus areas include extensive foreign tax services that aid in the growth and expansion of businesses, as well as the reduction of costs and the management of tax risks. We guarantee that you are in line with the most current tax laws and that you are protected from the many dangers that come from doing business internationally. Our clients can choose from four different types of services:

  • Planning for inbound and outbound traffic;
  • International desks are available;
  • Enforcement and risk management;
  • Tax outsourcing on a global scale.

Employment and Expatriate Tax


Operating a global company necessitates a global and mobile workforce. Extended work trips, short and long-term duties, and transitions to and from Kenya add new complications for employers and expenses for foreign workers.


The expatriate tax professionals at Kimotho Associates & Company are familiar with these issues and are dedicated to supplying you with practical ideas that are customized to your specific needs. This may include plans for managing an increased tax load, pensions, and health-care enforcement and planning for businesses.


The following expatriate tax services are available through our vast expertise and realistic, timely advice:

  • Organizing personal meetings with overseas workers to clarify the tax ramifications of their relocation;
  • Creating remuneration packages with the goal of reducing tax payments, such as wage packaging for tax-advantaged fringe benefits;
  • Providing advice on appropriate remuneration standards and contract drafting assistance;
  • We provide Lawyer who advises on labor laws;
  • Advising on employer duties in the home and host countries for payroll withholding tax and rules pertaining to Double Tax Treaties; and preparing tax returns and associated enforcement programs in the host country, including registers with the revenue office.

Acquisitions, mergers, and reorganization


There are many explanations why multinational corporations must deal with Kenya’s complicated tax laws. Acquisitions, divestitures, growth, offshore trading, or merely rationalizing a historically dynamic system are all common goals for businesses. Whatever the cause, paying close attention to tax and commercial consequences is crucial to getting the most out of structuring and/or restructuring.


We work closely with our customers to fully comprehend their requirements. We use our extensive tax and commercial expertise to ensure that corporate groups plan their affairs and take advantage of all possible opportunities. With deep expertise across a wide range of industries and one of the biggest accounting and consultancy networks in the world, our experts are ideally trained to fulfill our clients’ specific needs, whatever they might be.


Our corporate tax consultants have extensive experience consulting on large deals, identifying prospects for tax-efficient outcomes, and avoiding potential tax threats. To produce results, we incorporate our knowledge of the deal, the commercial and tax consequences, and the desired outcomes. Our business model is based on a straightforward, highly collaborative strategy, and we make certain that you have access to the people you need, when you require them. We will provide you with expert guidance on a variety of key tax issues that face businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Providing advice on acquisition deal structuring, whether the transaction is entirely domestic or includes offshore activities.
  • Arrangements for borrowing, including advice on lean capitalization
  • Implementing personalized due diligence processes to ensure the root problems are detected.
  • Tax planning and income analysis
  • Services for post-acquisition integration/optimization and remediation

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